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Ok, so I believe this blog should have a warning on it. WARNING! You will read some stuff that may turn your stomach, you may laugh so hard you wee yourself, you will experience turbulence and you will definitely experience attitude.

The below was written when this blog was first created. It has changed with my needs of it over the years. There are old posts that will need to approached with caution. The blog will still have posts that are hard hitting as I deal with trying to cope with my Father’s terminal diagnosis. Positive coping mechanisms such as crocheting, reading and walking. Which will help with my mental health issues.

There will be Trigger Warnings when necessary but this blog is about my past. There will be posts about Child Abuse, Sexual Assault, Rape, Miscarriage, Self-harm, BPD, Mental Health Issues, Depression, Suicidal Thoughts and Abuse. If I have missed any TW (trigger warning signs), I do deeply apologise as I do not wish to trigger anyone. Please let me know so I can rectify the situation. Please exact caution when moving through this blog. x
I am hairy, I am fat, I am also a gobby woman. I am not holding back anymore. This blog is for me, if you want to read my progress in life, crack on and thank you for the support. If you are here to judge me, again crack on. I don’t care. I was once told….. “It’s none of your business what other people think of you.” It’s now my mantra. I know who I am. I am proud of what I have done so far. If you have come here to try and ridicule me, it won’t work. Bullying is pitiful and if you have to resort to belittling people to make you feel better, then you have more problems than you obviously want to admit to. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

My Goals


  • Fundraising for Pancreatic Cancer UK.
  • Continue losing weight with Team RH
  • Lift weights
  • Focus on positive coping mechanisms. [Exercising in the Out does it for me]
  • Carry Barry the Bergen 5km in Sub 50 mins.
  • Walk, walk and walk. [Hitting this by walking/running 15,000 steps a day!]
  • Learn to Drive. [Completed 05/07/2016]
  • Utilise the time I am spending on buses by reading. [Completed]
  • Enjoy the positive effects my new job is having on my mental health. [Still doing, with a new role with the company!]


  • Get muscle (I already have some but I want it to show!)
  • Run 5km
  • Run 10km
  • Focus on my weightloss. [Fundraising for my Dad will help!]
  • Pottercon in August 2016!!! (SLYTHERIN!!!) [Read about this HERE]

This is MY  blog for my own vilification (if that’s the right word), and to show my friends and family that I am trying to fight the darkness and the overwhelming doubt and shit in my head. I am a weirdo who likes weird things. You may see some of them here.


Expect hair! Expect fat wobbly bits! Expect attitude!

Love Me x


3 comments on “HOME

  • I don’t usually comment but you blew me away. For someone like me still trying to come to terms with my own issues and fairly recent diagnoses of BPD, you are an inspiration. Can’t wait to dig into your posts and see how you find ways to cope with/live with these issues. Thanks for being brave enough to put it all out there to help the rest of us learn and cope.

    • Thank you sweetheart. Everything is relative though and Comparison is the thief of joy. (Some famous person said that I don’t know who though.)
      I am still learning what my diagnosis means for me and how it affects my family.
      Sending cwtches if they are wanted or needed xxx

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