“All you need is….”

Published May 26, 2014 by Harri

“Cranberry juice and paracetamol. Oh and lots of water.”

Ok. So when you have a Kidney infection, the world becomes trained medical professionals and feel the need to tell you what worked for them. Without even asking if you have previously tried the non proven unscientific approach at all….

What bothers me most is the unsolicited information that people are willing to give, regardless of the situation or the person. Whether I want it or not, people seem to believe that I want to hear what cured their “Saturday Blues”, and their depression. I appreciate that those things worked for them, but they won’t work for everyone and blindly suggesting things can be very dangerous.

I had a woman suggest that I take St John’s Wort for my ‘Blues’. I then tried to explain to her that I couldn’t because it would react with the other meds I am on and mess the balance up. “But it’s all natural.” Was her response. How the fuck are you meant to respond to that without being a complete and utter bitch and telling them to shove their opinion up their arse? I bit my lip (I should have brownie points for that) and smiled. Sj John’s Wort is good for people who aren’t on anti-psychotics or anti-depressants. Taking St John’s Wort can adversely affect your medications in either a negative or positive response. I am not a doctor.

Questions about my meds and my conditions, along with input that may actually be helpful are more than welcome, from people who know me and want to make the effort in understanding my life. Stupid comments and unsolicited responses are not. I love my family and friends dearly, I do, so haven’t a problem talking to them about issues or about things like meds. I do however, object to telling people whom I barely know, about intimate details of my life.

It’s different here, because there is the suggested distance. I have friends in my laptop, I have new friends to be found in my laptop. There are creepers and trolls in my laptop.

Anyway, I will probably follow this up with a post from an old blog about what not to say to a self harmer. x

A x


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