Tea and a catch up!

Published January 28, 2015 by Harri

Sometimes, going out and being sociable is actually good for you.

I had a group message on facebook a couple of days ago, from three friends I was in comp with (We were about 15/16 years old). We were tight for about 2 years. We hung out, did stuff that teenagers did before the internet and Netflix. Although in hindsight, I am seriously glad we didn’t have social media about when I was doing some seriously stupid shit. Like drinking a bottle of Sheridans that was 2 years past it’s date. I was off my face. Good memories.

So, after recent times and how I have been around people I used to know (nervy as shit, paranoid and anxious as hell), I could feel my palms getting sweaty, as I replied to a message about meeting up for a cuppa and a catch up.

How glad I am I did agree.

We spent from 10am this morning, until 3pm this afternoon, just talking and catching up. It was awesome. It felt lovely just catching up with these amazing women, whom I hadn’t sat in a room with for about 15 years. We talked. We cried. We talked some more and then we cried some more. As daft as it sounds, it was cathartic. Not just the act of talking and catching up, but getting out of the house and enjoying the company of people.

Granted they were people I haven’t seen for yonks, it was comfortable. We opened up to each other and bared some of the shit that we have been through. I hope I didn’t talk too much, I get nervous and chat crap.


The contrast between how I was in school, the cocky bravado that I had built up to combat the bullying to now is amazing. Although I have had 2 breakdowns and so much shit, but the person I am today has lived. She has survived and she is going to keep surviving. I haven’t got a choice but I don’t want to stop either.

Having these amazing women back in my life will enrich it. Sometimes, old friendships are meant to be, regardless of time.


Let me know what you think.

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