Daytime TV Rage

Published February 11, 2015 by Harri

I don’t know if this is a new phenomenon but I quite recently have discovered that I have this. Why do I believe I have this.

  • Intense rage whenever anyone on daytime TV says something ridiculously offensive or flabbergasting.
  • The urge to haul crap at my TV
  • The urge to reach into aforementioned TV and beat the living stuffing out of numpties who are spouting bollocks.
  • The need to post ridiculously long ranty posts on social media.

Here are some examples.

So here it goes, they way women dress and their behaviours is why they are raped, NOT THE RAPIST.
I reiterate, if you are telling women that what they are wearing is the reason they are raped, are you going to amend your child’s wardrobe to prevent them from being assaulted? Will you stop putting your daughter’s in dresses and bikini’s, because flashing flesh is inciting men who can’t control themselves to rape.
The fact that you are saying men can’t control themselves because of hormones, is the same as me saying, I should be able to smash shit up because of my hormones. I can’t help it.

The next time a man dies because he drank too much and fell asleep in a freezing street, or fell in front of a car, or was mugged and stabbed, the response you will get from me is, HE WAS ASKING FOR IT, HE GOT DRUNK AND MADE HIMSELF VULNERABLE!

From Facebook.

This was about the discussion This Morning was having with the Barrister who had a blog post called “She’s gagging for it!” The Mirror Article.

I have already voiced some of my opinions on this, see previous post here.

The other thing that had me foaming at the mouth was the fact that there was a feature on Shaving your face to appear younger, Philip Schofield and the giggly mess that was presenting with him took to the subject with much humour and delight. I mean women shaving their faces, such a freaky thing to do. I STUPIDLY read some of the comments posted on their Facebook page. BIG mistake. HUGE.

There were women calling hairy women monkeys, there were men saying it’s disgusting and there were hundreds of women with PCOS and Hirsutism commenting about the daily shame they have to endure because they bear the 5 o’clock shadow and the shaving rash, because they have no choice but to shave their faces for fear of ridicule.


This prompted another rant. As you can imagine. I have been shaving my face since I was 12. After a comment was made by a lad a couple of years older than me. “How do you leave the house with a top lip like that, I’d be hiding with shame!” This set off the “I feel like shit for not conforming” sensor and that night I used my father’s razor to shave my lip and beard.

So, here is the deal. I grow hair. A lot of hair, not just on my face. (Which if I let it grow out would now be a rather thin but fully formed beard!) I have a hairy chest, stomach, shoulders, back and arse. Also the inside of my thighs. I feel like a yeti because the media says I look like one. We have been told that hairless is beautiful and it has been that way since Roman times. (The Romans were the first known people to shave their hair because they preferred the hair free look. The scraping off of the oils they used helped this.) Although, nowadays, it’s more socially acceptable for a hairy man to get into a swimming pool with his hair floating everywhere than it is for a woman. Hell, if a woman were to get in the pool with a pubic hair out of place and on show, the world would erupt in disgust.

I learnt young that even though I couldn’t help growing hair, I had to do something. I shaved my arms once and decided then and there, NEVER again. Firstly, I couldn’t reach every bit I needed to get. Secondly, it’s fiddly as fuck when you have slippery hands and a razor that won’t shave that one sticky outy hair. Thirdly, if you slip, you then have to explain the two (razor blades only had two blades on them then) perfectly parallel lines running down the flabby part of your bingo wings. Suspicious as hell. I shaved my armpits, my legs and my face, all with my father’s blades. Until I was about 16, then I was buying my own blades.

I also learnt pretty damn quickly, that shaving your face with a lady shave is NOT healthy. I also began learning about aftercare. Although, Johnssons baby lotion on a freshly shaved face stings like hell. Finding a moisturiser that was gentle enough to not cause my face to feel like it was peeling off but actually stopped my skin drying out was hard. The skin on the face is very delicate and you have to treat it carefully.

It’s expensive too! Nowadays, I have learnt that you have to use decent products to get decent results. So what do I use and how do I use them.

  • Firstly, wet your face with warm water and exfoliate the skin. Removing the dead layer of skin before you shave will help you get a closer shave and will also prolong the life of your blades.
  • Secondly, use a decent shaving foam or gel (I use Nivea Sensitive Shaving Gel for Men). DO NOT USE PLAIN SOAP, this will dry your skin out, which can cause itching and encourage infections. Apply the foam/gel.
  • Thirdly, take a decent MEN’S razor (I use a Mach 3 but there are many good ones out there) and shave your face. Some people shave against the hair, some shave with. Personal preference here. Chances are if you have been shaving as long as me, you just want a smooth look.
  • Fourthly, moisturise the hell into your skin. Use a good light moisturiser. (I use Simple Moisturiser)

Make sure your blades are sharp and clean. Make sure you are using a clean towel to dry your face. Dry shaving will cause irritation, as will using soaps for a shaving foam substitute.

Shaving my body, I will use a Venus Lady Shave. I don’t know why, but the two blades work perfectly for their jobs, if I mix them, using the lady shave for my face because I am being lazy. I cause more problems.


PCOS causes an increase in androgens (male hormones) in the female body. Which causes the changes in bodily hair. The darker arm hair, the beard (general hairiness), deeper voice and problems with acne. The humiliation one feels when you don’t quite fit in and it’s pointed out to you is horrible, so having a nation of people who watch daytime TV giving nasty comments and bitching about it all, hurts.

“Why shave, it makes the hair grow back thicker! Use laser or wax! I’d NEVER shave!”

Well luckily for you, you can sit there and spout off options that women with Hirsutism and PCOS have already tried. So lets talk about them.

  1. Waxing/Sugaring – The obvious thing with waxing is the pain. The irritation it causes to the skin will leave it red and sore for however long it takes to recover. Having a bikini wax hurts like a bitch, but you also have to grow the hair so it can be grabbed by the wax. So you have the embarrassment of your beard growing however long it’s needed to before it can be ripped from your skin. Waxing is also expensive, either way. Whether you do it yourself at home, which given the position, if the skin isn’t taut can cause bruising, or whether you get it done in a beauty parlour. Would you be happy sitting in a waiting room of women, with a beard? I wouldn’t.
  2. Epilating – Again, the pain factor is massively high on this one. Basically it’s a machine that is quite speedy, plucking the hairs from the root. It hurts. Hell, I squealed like a bitch just doing my legs and back, I can’t imagine the pain on my face. The initial layout for a good epilator can be expensive, once you have bought it, you have to keep using it. Lots of pain. You are also left with a sore and red face.
  3. Treading – See epiliating but imagine it with threads.
  4. Bleaching – This doesn’t really remove the hair, just turns it a lovely bleached blonde colour. Which doesn’t exactly hide it.
  5. Plucking – See epilating, but on a slower process. You are basically plucking each hair out one by one. Time consuming and it hurts.
  6. Electrolysis – I have never tried this one. It has always been too expensive a treatment for me to consider. Although the thought of a needle being pushed into the root of the hair to destroy it seems a bit painful to me. (If anyone wants to enlighten me on this one, cool!)
  7. Hair removal creams – If we are looking at the off the shelf stuff (Nair and co), that shit burns (just read the amazon reviews!). If you have sensitive skin it burns more. Also, they are buzzing (in other words they stink!) If you are talking about the medical hair minimising cream (Vaniqa), it can create a slight improvement with certain medications, but the effects don’t last.
  8. Powders – I didn’t even know they existed! If I am being honest.
  9. Prescription drugs – Good luck trying to get the funding for that! It’s not likely to happen because the reason you are asking for them is classed as a cosmetic reason.
  10. Laser Treatment – I have experience of Laser treatment. I was fortunate enough to get 19 sessions on the NHS, because my beard was so dark and so prominent. Firstly, it is NOT permanent. It can lessen the growth by damaging or destroying the follicle. However, it doesn’t remove the hair problem completely, not in a high percentage of cases. Personally, it has lessened the severity of my beard. It’s not as dark or thick. BUT it still grows. It spreads up my face to the top of my cheeks and creeps down my neck towards my chest. It is painful and if you can’t get it on the NHS it’s expensive, and in my case, I still have to shave anyway.

(If I have missed any, give me a shout!)

The problem with these methods are you have to choose between pain, discomfort, embarrassment and cost to get rid of the unwanted hair. It’s demoralising, knowing that you have to go back for repeats of something that is painful. On top of that, you can experience all sorts of uncomfortable side-effects from using these methods. The same with shaving.

  • skin inflammation,
  • minor burns,
  • lesions,
  • scarring,
  • ingrown hairs,
  • bumps, and
  • infected hair follicles.

Not to mention skin infections and possible disfigurement. It’s a huge toss up.


The thing with shaving is that it’s convenient, pain free (as long as you take your time and don’t slip) and can be done on a daily basis (with some irritation). Granted it can mean getting up at 5am to have a shower and shave before you have to go to work. You have to make sure you allot the time into your day, to make sure no one can suspect that you have stubble. It feels like a punch to the stomach when you see a child pointing straight at you and shout “Mummy, why has that woman got a beard?” or hearing a grown up telling their friend, “She shouldn’t be allowed to leave the house.” People are callous and fickle bastards. They are horrible. (My faith in humanity is at a low!)


So, where was I going with this? Done the educational bit, done the ‘slating the other methods’ and discussed the hurt and humiliation that we feel. Have I covered everything? Probably not. Will I think of more? Yes!

Ok, I am done.

A x


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