Unfucking my Habitat

Published June 6, 2015 by Harri

This week started with the usual migraine pain and a sense of overwhelming need to clean my house. The new boiler was being fitted by Everlasting Boilers on Friday, they told me to make sure the fitters had access to all the radiators to fit new thermostatic valves. Which meant that I would have to sort the mountain of clothes I had dumped in front of my bedroom radiator. (It would also give me a chance to bag up all the clothes that didn’t fit me any more.)

Monday was spent sleeping, the head pain was too much.

Tuesday saw me bleaching the bathroom, whilst I sorted through the mountain of clean clothes that had been so delicately placed on the floordrobe. I did all that and folded them all and put them all away. Like a grown up. I vacuumed the carpets and rearranged my bedroom so the fitter could get to the pipes.

Wednesday saw me doing more laundry and putting of stuff away. Also having a whine at Kiddo for not putting her stuff away. It would seem when I am on a cleaning spree, I get really anally retentive about where stuff goes.

Thursday saw me re-bleaching the bathroom and vacumming upstairs again. The Kirby vacuum I borrowed off my Mam and Dad (because I broke our ancient Dyson by accidentally dropping the handle onto pipes and it snapped, and the belt on our upright Vax had snapped), sucked up a dressing gown belt I missed on the floor. It scorched the belt, I ran my toe over (those things are ridiculously heavy and hurt a fucking lot!) and then the belt snapped. I had a phone call from the boiler fitters saying they could come today (between 2pm and 4pm), instead of Friday. Landed. But wait! I hadn’t showered or shaved (PCOS beard) and I couldn’t vacuum the bloody carpets!

I had a quick shower, scrubbed and shaved myself, then went about turning off the dishwasher (for access to the stop tap), the old boiler and a quick tidy up.

The lads arrived at 1420 and immediately cracked on. They ripped the old boiler out, tried to fit Thermostatic Radiator Valves to the radiators upstairs (but because they were so old, they couldn’t. We were told we’d have a phone call from a manager with a quote for replacing the radiators), fitted the TRV’s downstairs, did a chemical flush of the radiators and everything was fine. Except, there was a gas leak somewhere, either from our hob, or the old gas line for a fire that was removed from the living room before we bought the place. The lads told me that an engineer would be out on Friday to reconnect the gas and left us disconnected, so we couldn’t cook. We were taught how to turn the boiler on manually, and we once again had hot water, with pressure. It was beautiful. I was completely grateful… This was soon to disappear!

Friday came, I waiting until about 10am for a phone call from either the electician (who is supposed to fit the thermostat) or the gas engineer. The call never came. So I phoned Everlasting Boilers to find out what the fuck was happening. I get told that firstly, the gas engineer wouldn’t be sent out because it’s not their problem. It’s ours….

I explained that their engineers had removed the tap from the gas supply, there was no leak now, but we weren’t connected. They had left us without a hob. Doesn’t matter, I was told, it’s not their problem. The fitters (who to be fair to them, did a bloody good job) left the place safe and leak free. They did what they could and that was it. We’d have to get a Gas Safe fitter out to sort the problem. I answered that if the fitters had given us the correct information, it wouldn’t have been an issue and I wouldn’t have called them. But we were lied to.

The other issue that was raised, was that when the surveyor (who pushed the hard sale) came, he told us that the electrician would come with the gas fitters and would connect the thermostat the same day. The Manager told me that he was wrong. The Electrician would be out on the 19th of this month to connect the thermostat and it had been booked like that from the start. I wasn’t happy that once again, we’d been lied to. He did assure us that if the Electrician could get to us sooner, he would. Confidence instilling huh! Then he said he would call back in the afternoon with a quote for the radiators. No call came. Totally pissed me off. Communication with Everlasting Boilers is appalling. There seems to be no internal communications going on at all. As soon as they have your deposit, that’s it. The thing is, Everlasting Boilers is a sister company of A Shade Greener, who fitted our solar panels free (leased air space over our roof for 25 years, which is fine because we don’t plan on moving, ever!) and they were superb. Awesome surveyor, scaffolding guys were wicked, the solar panel fitters were so quick it was amazing. The whole experience with A Shade Greener was amazing. Everlasting Boilers…. Not so much.

So today has seen me sorting more laundry out, more dishes, cleaning Kiddo’s room, whilst Kiddo and I await the Gas Safe Engineer to reconnect us to the gas and locate and cap off the leak. We (Hubby, Kiddo and I), then have to go price up radiators for the three bedrooms and get a price for belts for the Vax and the Kirby. This month has been so bloody expensive.

So yeah, Unfucking My Habitat which can be found here! really helped me, the house is tidier, it just needs a deep clean (which will happen next week, where it can be. Can’t shampoo the carpets, because I can’t vacuum the carpets before hand!).

So this has been my dealing with Everlasting Boilers (will keep you updated with any more games they play), cleaning whilst having intense pain in my head and getting shit done.

I am back in work on Monday morning. I am fucking dreading it. But it has to be done, I need the money as we can’t afford for me to take any more time off. So yeah! Fun!


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