So many diets!

Published July 21, 2015 by Harri

Why hasn’t anyone invented a diet generator that cross references lost of different diets and such.
I am supposed to be on these diets.

IBS friendly
Fat Intolerance friendly
A diet that excludes all known migraine triggers
A PCOS friendly diet

Seriously, why hasn’t anyone done this. I am sure there are hundreds of other people who have to cross-reference their foods against other diets. I mean if I am allowed a food on one diet and not on the other, I have to trawl through so much literature to make sure I don’t cock up.
I guess I better start building a database.


One comment on “So many diets!

  • It is so freaky how we have so much in common! I have often thought this seeing as I am lactose intolerant, have PCOS, have a hiatus hernia which means I have to avoid loads of things (like tomato based foods, which I love!, and chocolate, which I also love!) plus I am allergic to honey, kiwi fruits and pineapple. Crap all round really!

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