The Babysitter 2 – R. L. Stine

Published August 27, 2015 by Harri

The Baby-Sitter IIThe Baby-Sitter II by R.L. Stine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well, Jenny starts babysitting again. The new kid is vile, has severe authority issues and is pandered to by his parents. Chuck, the funny-ha-ha dude from last time, well, he isn’t so nice. Possessive and controlling, also vengeful that Jenny has dropped his arse!

So who is it this time? The new kid? The ex-boyfriend? The Shrink?

A little predictable again. I had suspected them all from the start but had guessed a couple of chapters towards the end. A quick read, short chapters.

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What I didn’t say on Goodreads!

Ok, so I decided to make notes about this one as I read it. From the first page, I instantly thought, “Poor Jenny”. She is talking to a Shrink, who is creepily called Dr Schindler, about the previous incident with the Hagen’s. Mr Hagen in particular. You know the dude who went over the side of the quarry… Yeah, well, Jenny has been having nightmares about the dude, she is also in a quandary about the new babysitting job she has been offered. I mean who wouldn’t be after the last one nearly got you killed.

Jenny decides to go for the babysitting job. It may be just what she needs to take her mind off the past…. Erm, yeah okay then. So upon meeting the Wrexner’s, who have a tendency to pander to their son’s every whim, Jenny gets the impression that their son Eli isn’t the little angel his father keeps making him out to be. The demon child proves this by playing a practical joke on Jenny that involves Tarantulas in a box… At this point, I would have probably preferred a dick in a box. Eli is an emotionally manipulative little 10 year old, who is allowed to watch gory horror films and use the internet freely. (Back in the 90’s this was easily done, as firewalls weren’t really a thing. Anything could be found, would take an age to load because of dial-up, but yeah) Eli has behavioural issues, is this because his father panders to his every whim? His mother seems tired of his shit. Or maybe he has a behavioural issue or is even on the spectrum. He does have a ridiculously high IQ… Either way. Eli is a creepy little shit who enjoys watching people suffer, but reacts like a typical 10 year old, if not emotionally younger person, when rejected.  Jenny gets the now familiar phonecall whilst on the first night of the job….

Chuck, who you find out is now Jenny’s ex, turns up. He begins guilt tripping Jenny and gas-lighting her. How could she dump him? How could she treat him like that? She was making him so angry? Typical abusive personality type. Blame the woman for the shit. The fact that Jenny had gone through a severe emotional trauma and didn’t really want to be the butt of his crappy jokes seemed like a perfectly reasonable explanation for dumping his arse, personally. He physically hurts Jenny and then runs off after blaming her for making him do it. He isn’t a nice person. He also seems to be a dead plot line.

Jenny meets a new bloke, Cal, and takes him to meet her friends Rick and Claire. (She decided to drop her pretty friend from the first book. Too many memories of her linked to Mr Hagen.) A huge peacocking session kicks off. There is a flurry of testosterone between Cal, who is Jenny’s boyfriend-type and Rick, who is supposed to be a friend but has now suddenly seen Jenny in a new light! Rick, once again, displays the Bruise Male Ego, which is so fragile, for the second time in the book because Jenny wouldn’t do something. There seems to be a pattern forming with the male characters in these books….

The receptionist at the Shrinks office keeps making comments about how Jenny always looks nice. The Doc seems dismissive as fuck.

Jenny finds a dead tarantula in her bag. Assumes it’s Eli. Well, who else would she assume it was. He is the only person she knows with tarantulas! Eli pitches a huge tantrum when questioned. Begins to emotionally manipulate Jenny by hugging her and acting loving, then retreating to the cold insensitive little shit that his mother knows him to be. Seriously this kid is reminding me of Kevin from We Need To Talk About Kevin (Shittest book I have EVER read!).

Dr Schindler scares the ever living shit out of Jenny when he appears out of nowhere and follows her across a car park, as she is waiting for Cal to finish his summer job. It’s at this point, I have written on my notes that it’s either Schindler or the Secretary. Who used to be a patient of his. Hmmmm. In a horror story, a bit convenient of a plot line here.

After the freak out, Jenny decides to tell Cal everything over some fries. It’s while she is retelling her story to Cal that Jenny has an epiphany. She believes it’s Dr. Schindler. I knew at this point the secretary who was previously his patient and a convenient plot line was actually the one freaking out Jenny with the prank calls and the tarantula. Jenny however is adamant it’s the doc and proceeds to set up a trap. She mentions to the doc that she is going out to the Quarry to face her fear of Mr Hagen (who she has been having some really terrifying nightmares, although I would say it was PTSD) and sets the trap.

After babysitting Eli, who is a little weird and shit. Jenny goes with Cal to the quarry to await the Doc. The Doc isn’t the one who turns up though…. Yep, it’s the secretary/receptionist/ex-patient of the Docs. Who is jealous because Jenny seems to have everything in her life. The clothes, the looks and the men, and the secretary is determined to stop Jenny from getting her Doc. Attachment disorder? Anyway, there is a fight, Cal goes over the edge of the cliff. Oh MY, he must be dead, PLOT TWIST, the quarry has been filled with water!

Jenny and the secretary fall in. The secretary tries to drown Jenny. She fails. The Doc turns up with the cops when he realises that the tapes of Jenny’s sessions have been going missing and it suddenly ‘clicked’. Just in time to be a rescuer! Convenient.

Jenny is saved to hear Cal make a bad zombie reference. The end.

In summary, this book was predictable. Is that because it has been done again and again since this book was written on T.V. shows and such? The mentally unstable person being the reason why shit happens? Of course. It’s always the mentally unstable person. Going to read The Babysitter III now… I am actually not excited. Can you imagine it?


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