Driving is SCARY! Pottercon!

Published August 10, 2016 by Harri
Smirky McSmirkface

The Slytherin Smirk

So, last month on the 5th of August,  saw me driving to Nottingham, exactly 4 weeks after passing my test! It was shit your pants scary! I drove from my home, half an hour to my best mate’s house. After making there and not dying, we had to wait for a little while before setting off to Nottingham for the World of Wizardry (Daydream Events) weekend!

We had booked and paid for an apartment style hotel room, which meant that it had a 2 ring hob, microwave, dishwasher and fridge. Best thing ever! Totally recommend Roomzzz Hotel in Nottingham.

Bearing in mind, I had only passed my driving test, 4 weeks before embarking on this voyage to the North! II dropped my daughter to her Big Sister’s, where she would be staying until my Husband finished work. I drove from her house to my Bestie’s house. On the motorway, all by myself. I made it without dying!

The journey up, certainly woke me up about driving in general. Thank feck the Dashcam (which we bought for the purpose of driving to Nottingham, because it was named the capital for “Crash-for-cash” claims). We saw a lorry driver, drifting in and out of sleep and the hard-shoulder. We also had a tyre from a trailer of the van in front, blow out and come straight at us, like a scene from Final Destination! Needless to say, I shit my pants and thought, that’s it. Done for! I drove straight at the tyre, it made a racket going under the car, but we made it to Nottingham safely and there were no leaks from the under carriage of the car.

Trelawney sees the GRIM! (The Bestie rocking Trelawney CosPlay)

The hotel was awesome and after dropping our stuff off and recovering slightly (my legs were killing me and I felt mentally exhausted), we decided to go for a strut to a nearby Tesco Express so we could pick up some supplies (which consisted of ready meals, crisps, chocolate and sweets. Oh and lager!) Taking them back to the hotel, we spotted the Ford Anglia outside of the Conference Centre and sneaked a pick with it before the hoards arrived the following day.
It was bloody hot up there mind. So much sun and heat. Us pasty Welsh people weren’t used to it. So back to the hotel, I had a shower to cool off, got into my jammies and then did my tea. Lasagne with salad and coleslaw. Twas Lush! The evening was spent watching Coraline and something else, but we both fell asleep pretty quickly. From the moment we arrived, I had been taking pics and uploading them to Facebook. Which I am so glad I had done. The bloody SD card in my Phone corrupted and I lost everything on there. Thankfully, I had backed my phone up before I left.

The following morning, I was up early, for a shower (I had a shower cap to cover my hair, so I could attempt Victory Rolls), then I put my face on. (See the pic above) Got dressed. Turned and saw my Bestie as Trelawney. An incredible Cosplay if I EVER saw one.

I met Hagrid! (Well, he was a good one!)

When we were happy with our looks (I decided against the Victory Rolls and went for a puffed fringe thing), we left the hotel and walked around the corner to the Conference Centre. We met a few other’s who had walked to the wrong doors. We read the sign on the door and walked in the really early heat to the doors on the other side.

After queuing and chatting, we eventually gained entry to the Con and had a look around. Instantly, as we walked through, everyone wanted pics with Z (the Bestie), who looked amazing. We wandered, had a nose. Saw all the things for sale and wanted a lottery win to buy all the things. We didn’t get a chance to take part in the quizzes or the interviews or the photo-ops as money was tight as hell.

Britain’s Official Ron Weasley Lookalikey! I met him!

We decided to head back to the hotel for dinner, but as we were leaving, we saw the amazing Ron Weasley Lookalikey and the Hagrid Lookalikey. Both of whom were fantastic.

After taking pics (I didn’t sit in the side car as I was worried it wouldn’t support me), we wandered back to our room for food/snacks. Z had to change her costume! That was when Tonks came out to play (you can see those pics in my instagram).

After returning to the Con, wandering around for another hour, contemplating our purchases, I ended up buying a Slytherin mug and a little Lego Creeper (for Kiddo). Our feet were hurting and we were hungry. We were given a free refill on drinks at Handmade Burger Co. So we decided to make our way there and have a munch! The burger was bloody lovely, as were the Sweet Potato Fries.

After food, we went for a pint in a little pub that looked like on the outside that it have been there for a hundred years. The Rose of England. We both has a bloody lovely pint (I had a local beer and Z had a new rhubarb and something cider). After the drinks we wandered wearily back to our hotel to shower, munch and chill.

We travelled back on the Sunday and it it amazing how quick it take to get home.


All in all, a fantastic weekend.


Let me know what you think.

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